Bed Fishing



It’s that time of year again! The bass are starting to bed and are up shallow.There are a few things that you will want to focus on while fishing.

  1. Be patient and be quiet

During this time of the year a lot of the fish are starting to commit to their beds. When presenting your lure/bait to them be subtle with your movements. They can see you up there moving and they will be very hesitant to bite, unless you have enough distance and remain quiet. A slight angular adjustment to either side can make a difference, too.

2. Study the area and the fish

When bed fishing it is obviously important to find the bed, but even more important the fishes pattern and movement. Don’t throw your bait on the fish or bed directly, instead throw it past them and bring it up to the bed and watch how the fish reacts. It might take a while for it to commit but give it time for the fish to size out the “threat”.

3. Get out early

When the temperature is lower in the morning the bass will be more active. 60 degrees tends to be when the activity picks up most on southern lakes, but start looking when the water hits 55 degrees.

4. Variety 

Throw craws, jigs, lizards. Pretty much throw anything you want. There’s no lure in your box that won’t catch bedding fish, but there are some that will catch them better. Change it up if it isn’t working and find out what pattern works best for you.

5. You can always come back

If you come upon a big female unexpectedly and startle her, mark the location, ease off and revisit the bed later. When you do go back, stop ahead of time and make the longest cast you can, cast beyond the target and drag it slowly into the bed.


Hope this information helps! Happy fishing and tight lines!

Live Target Lures: Worth the Price?


Ethan Beazley:

These lures (especially the Baitball series) are getting a lot of attention and for good reason. They look like nothing else on the market. Live Target has dedicated themselves to creating life like lures and they have definitely succeeded in that. However, the question that everyone is asking, do they really work? is it worth paying the $16 for each one? As you can see, I have picked up quite a few of their lures. The action on all of them is perfect. The jerkbait suspends really well. My personal favorite is the pumpkin seed lipless (Top right) I fish a lot of lipless cranks these days and I love how loud it is underwater. It sinks like a rock when you fish it with a pause. The only thing that I dont like about these lures is the price tag. Sure they are worth the price but its never fun snagging and losing a lure.