How to capitalize on Lipless Crankbaits



Lipless Crankbaits are something the new anglers often try and give up on. A lot of people will try them by fishing them the same way they would throw a mod-depth/squarebill. Fishing with these lipless cranks is more of a finesse technique than just a cast and crank technique. What makes them different is their action. All crankbaits offer some degree of “Wobble”, which in turn, changes the flash that the presentation gives off. Another point is that most other crankbaits float. Lipless crankbaits sink, and they usualyl sink quickly. The sinking aspect of this lure is the key part. Now as far as the technique goes, sure you can just fish it with a straight retrieve but the most productive way to present this lure is with a “Yo-Yo” technique. Simply cast and lift the rod tip up, dip it down, reel in the slack, repeat. When you raise your rod up, its pulling tension on the line and bringing the lure up in the water column. While the lure moves up, its going to shake (and often rattle). This is what will get the fish’s attention. They will approach it with interest and when the lure drops, the fish reacts. I personally like to twitch the rod a lot as I am raising it to give it a more erratic action. Also, don’t be afraid to let the lure hit the bottom or pull it through grass as this can also trigger a strike. You can fish lipless crankbaits and pretty much any speed. They can also be productive at any time of year.


Good luck out there!



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