Bait Color Basics

So you arrive at the lake and you have an idea of what kinds of bait to throw out but you are not entirely sure what colors to use. I’ve ran into that issue plenty of times when I first started. Here are some helpful tips to decide which colors to be pulling out.

The basic rule is to fish bright colored baits in dark murky conditions and natural colors in clear water. The reasoning here is that a bass’ visibility is not as clear and you need something that will stand out. On the other hand, when water is clear and the fish can get an good look at the bait, it’s best to go with softer, more natural colors. For instance, when water clarity is a foot or less, many anglers use spinnerbaits with chartreuse or yellow skirts or crankbaits with a orange belly, chartreuse sides, and dark green back.

In clear water, white or white/blue spinnerbaits are great to us, as are crankbaits in chrome and various natural colors (crawfish, shad, sunfish, etc.). The same principle applies with soft plastics. In murky water, darker colors and two-color worms with bright tails offer added visibility. Examples are black and/or blue baits with chartreuse, red or orange tails.But in clear water, lighter, more clear colors seem to work the best. Common colors here include pumpkin-seed, bitchin craw, green pumpkin and smoke. Also, bits of metal flake molded into these see-through worms provide extra flash and attraction to bass in clear waters. Definitely test and try other colors, but if you are unsure go by these rules and you will be successful in catching these bass. So if you take anything away from this just remember clear=natural and murky=dark colors with bright accents.



Good luck out there!



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