5 ways to use a Senko

Texas Rig


One of the most common ways to fish senkos is a Texas rig. Fishing a weightless Texas-rig, which causes it to fall slowly through the water with a nice wobbling action. Fish the Texas-rigged Senko anywhere in shallow water. Throw it with a small bullet weight if it’s windy out. If you are casting it where the fish are more than likely you will catch them!

Shaky Head


Senkos also work great on a shaky head. Even though a number of other plastics pair work well when fishing a lighter shaky head in shallow water, Senkos work well when paired with a heavy shaky head on deep structure. You can either drag it across the bottom (might not be the best presentation but it can still help locate the fish!) or bounce it like the normal technique.

Wacky Rig


This is another presentation commonly fished weightless. It can be very effective in our Arizona waters. I will cast it out and let it sink to the bottom. Regardless of the time of year I will fish this bait very slowly. If I do decide to put a weight on it I will fish it quicker (like a jig presentation). It has been my go-to set up for a while on slow days and has yet to disappoint. Make sure you are using o-rings for the wacky rig. It saves a lot a worms and a lot of money!

Drop-shot Rig


The drop-shot rig is an effective technique to use on high pressure days in clear water reservoirs. A 3- or 4-inch Senko is the option to pair with a drop-shot. It’s a subtle presentation that pretty much does nothing when sitting still. It does have enough wobble when you shake it to entice cautious fish into biting. Downsizing from the normal 5-inch Senko is critical for this presentation. When fishing is tough, bass will eat a smaller bait before they will a larger one.

Ned Rig


The Ned rig is easy: set up half a Senko to jighead. The rig is most effective fished on spinning tackle with light line.When things get tough, pull out the Ned rig. There are a number of ways to retrieve it effectively. If you haven’t tried this yet, give it a shot.


Go ahead and try these out if you haven’t already!

As always, tight lines and good luck!




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