Experience at Bartlett Lake

On July 6th, Lyle Danuser (Owner of Southwest Custom Tackle) and my self made our way to Bartlett lake at around 3 in the afternoon. He was my guide for the day since I am not too familiar with Bartlett. We first made our way down to where the lake narrows and makes its way to the river. We start off throwing a bunch of different moving baits at different points. After about an hour Lyle was able to pull out two. We ended up driving back towards the southern after some time. I was able to land two of them on points with  a crankbait. Once the sun was making its way down we fished towards the damn. Lyle told me to start throwing out Senkos, so I did. I ended up landing another 3 after about 20 minutes in that area. We decided to end it when the sun was completely down. Overall I would say it was a solid day especially in the hot Arizona summer. Lyle definitely knows what he is doing and makes an excellent guide! If you have any questions about baits/what to use when you are out on the water feel free to reach out to Lyle on his website https://www.swctackle.com and fill out the form! Also check out some of the new gear that he added to his store!

Tight Lines!


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