Summer Tips


When we are fishing during the Spring time it may seem like all we are doing is catching fish. Then summer hits, and it may seem like all of the fish suddenly vanished. Well that’s because they are on a new pattern. This post will help you find the bass even on the hottest summer days.

Find vegetation and flowing water

Near the grass and reeds you will find a bunch of bass stacked up like no other. This is because during the hot summer days they will have a hard time finding oxygen, therefore, they become very lazy and lethargic. They will flee to vegetation and flowing water (such as water pumps and waterfalls). If you find these areas, you find bass.

Go deep

The coolest parts of the water will be deep. The more shallow the water, the hotter it is. Some of the more popular lures going deep are deep diving crank baits, Carolina rigs, and football head jigs. Fish these lures nice and slow along the bottom and you’ll find yourself some luck. For whatever reason it is I have had the best luck using ribbon tailed worms on a Carolina rig.

Find cover

Fish love cover regardless if it is Spring or if its Winter. It doesn’t matter. That is why even during the Summer go for cover. Not only is it something that they are naturally attracted to, but it also keeps the bass cooler and provides them shade.

Be loud

One of the last things I will try if none of the above are working is using loud baits. Lipless crankbaits, chatter baits, and even jigs with rattles. The point is, if you can’t find fish, let them find you. It may take a while but this can be an effective last resort. If the lake is murky it works especially well.

So there you have it. These are my summertime go-to’s. Give this a shot while you are out there sweating your butt off. Remember drink plenty of water, and as always, tight lines!


Here is a helpful visual:


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