Night Fishing Tactics

Fishing at night can be tough at first. All of your senses kind of go out of whack. We get so used to fishing with our eyes. We watch for the bites. At night, we don’t have that luxury. But before you write off the idea of going out at night, hear me out. A lot of people think that the top water bite will only ever kick in at first and last light. What you might be surprised to hear is that the top water bite typically starts at sunset and actually CONTINUES on throughout the night until sunrise. Ill get to the top water bite in a minute though. I have had some of my most productive fishing experiences at night. Especially when it comes to fishing in the summer. Its hot out here in Arizona, and the bass arent any happier than we are about it. So when the sun goes down, the fish will spread out again. They will come up shallow and they usually feed up pretty heavily. So here are my suggestions for making the most out of fishing at night. Enjoy. -Ethan

1. Drop Shot. This technique may be kind of boring but it flat out catches fish. my recommendation for plastics would be desert craw roboworms. They have always worked great for me at night. It is important to stick with dark colors at night. Blacks. Purples. Junebug. Etc… Now, when you are fishing the drop shot at night, fish it slow, and I mean almost PAINFULLY slow. The fish will have to move around to zero in on your presentation. At night, bass primarily feed using their lateral line. This detects movement in the water, kind of like sonar.

2. Texas rig. No other technique out there has caught more fish than the texas rig, and night time fishing is no exception. Now, when it comes to finesse fishing at night, there is one advantage to using a texas rig that the drop shot just cant compete with, and that is SIZE. Fishing a huge worm can be crazy productive. I would recommend using a 7″-10″ ribbon tail worm. I prefer the culprit worms but bass pro and zoom also make some great options. I know some people will even throw those crazy 14″-20″ worms but to me that seems like overkill. Again, fish it slow. I recommend rigging with a glass bead to get that sound factor going.

3. Weightless Senko. Wacky or Weightless Texas Rigged Senkos both work. Fish it the same way you would during the day. Senkos are fish catching machines.

4. Chatterbaits. VIBRATION VIBRATION VIBRATION. Nothing gets these fish more worked up at night than a chatterbait. I ALWAYS rig up my chatterbaits with a craw style trailer. But, I am very particular about the trailers. I only use the Xcite baits raptor tail chunk or the Powerbait Chigger craw. These trailers are super awesome at night and at day. They more around a lot and it moves a lot of water. Fish the chatterbait slow and steady.


Extra Tips:

Move around a lot.

Travel light. Try not to bring more than two rods.

Bring a headlamp.

Scent can be key. BANG makes a crazy garlic scent that works great at night.


As always, Good luck, and Tight Lines!


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