Review: Revenge Baits


What to say about Revenge Baits? Well for starters I can’t believe it took me up to about 2 months ago to first hear about them! I have gotten to try their buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, and their tailspinners. When I fished with my friend, Lyle Danuser, we were fishing along some coves with the buzzbait in the morning. Within 20 minutes he landed three on this buzzbait and I was already impressed. It has a nice slow retrieve while disturbing the top of the water even through windy conditions. Its wire is bent down slightly to provide the bait to swim a little bit lower on the surface, ensuring that it’s not just skipping across the top of the water. This buzzbait is unbelievable.


Next, we have their spinner baits. Now I know sometimes it is hard to tell which spinnerbaits are superior to others and why I have to tell you the blades on these spinners will continue to cycle even with the slowest retrieve. Its just so smooth and reflective and will definite grab the fishes attention!

The tailspinner is my favorite lure. It is very versatile. You can jig it, do a straight retrieve, yo-yo it, and let it flutter like a spoon. This is truly an amazing bait. You can compare it to Lunkerhunts Hatchspin but better. I have tried both and these bad boys have a much better hook up ratio!

Please for your sake check out Revenge Baits and pick up a few lures!large1 

Tight Lines Everyone!