Mythik Lures: 2.5 square bill

I recently got my hands on some Mythik Lures square bill crankbaits, and I have to admit, I am very impressed. The action on the lures is unique to me. They have a very wide and slow wobble which will for sure get the fishes attention! The rattle is loud but not overly done. This is the type of square bill that will absolutely destroy it on the lakes during the springtime. As always the paint job on these are on point. So overall when I think to throw a square bill these lures will be the first one that comes to mind.


Do yourself a favor a buy this lure at  instead of just reading what I think about it. You will notice the unique difference about these custom baits vs the typical manufactured lure. I have a ton of confidence when I throw any of their lures.

Be on the look out for future reviews about different Mythik Lures

As always….

Tight Lines!

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